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Our Name

When we first began the planning phase of our business, we knew we wanted the Wolf to be a part of it. We did not wish to have the aggressive, scary Wolf, preferably something calm and peaceful. The name Wolfpack Protective Services Inc. came in two parts:

Wolfpack Protective Services Inc.

The Wolf

as a spirit animal, the Wolf holds some of the most powerful symbolism. The Wolf's personality traits – powerful instincts, intuition, and high intelligence, are exactly what we wanted our business to represent.

Wolfpack Protective Services Inc.

The Pack

we knew right away we wanted to operate our business more like a team rather than the more common boss and employee structure. We run our business as a pack which includes our Management, front line workers, Clients and their respective team. By working as a pack we believe it allows for a stronger level of protection.

Our Mission

Our Mission

It is the mission of Wolfpack Protective Services Inc. to provide our client's with above industry-standard services that enhance and support the client's operation by encompassing our core values of integrity, honesty, respect, and professionalism.


Our Vision

To be a competitive provider in the security and investigation industry with a strong reputation for being a provider of professional, strategically trained employees while creating and maintaining client-agency partnerships with a substantial value for our team.