The Triple P


Protecting all of your assets from harm and/or loss. This includes your person, your employee's, your customers,  property, product and reputation.


Preventing loss and/or harm by being pro-active, professional and diligent. Providing re-active response to those situation which prevent a pro-active approach with the same professional, effective and efficient level of protection.


Providing security services that preserve life, safety, property, product, people and reputation. All of which have the potential to negatively impact your bottom line by way of security guards, security systems, security companies.



Security Professionals

We train our employees to perform above the average security guard. They are given the tools and training which provides them with the information and education needed to perform at a higher level, with more effectiveness and provide better results.



We specialize in Retail Crime and Event Security. Both of these avenues provide all other areas of the security industry with the groundwork for service excellance. Retail Crime and Event Security are about analysing behaviours for pre indicators of crime and aggression. These traits allow our employees to be versatile with the ability to carry their professionalism into any role they take.



Established in 2015, Wolfpack Protective Services Inc. came from a small one client service provider to one of the largest, fastest growing security and investigation firms in the North. We have developed industry leading training programs which allow our employees to retain the information given and utilize the tools to be more effective. Our specialized training, unmatched management and ability to exceed expectations all play a vital role in our exceptional growth. One of the most rewarding aspects of our business has been the method in which we have grown. Our growth comes direct from word of mouth referrals, meaning our clients are not only satisfied with the services we provide, they trust us enough to refer our team to their fellow business owners, friends and family. This outweighs any other form of advertising.

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