About Us

Premium Security Solutions

Wolfpack Protective Services Inc., established in 2015, quickly became Ontario's premium security and investigations service provider. With our headquarters in Sudbury, ON, we provide our services with a focus on Change! Growth! Advancement! One of the great benefits of having our smaller firm as part of your team is that we work harder, smarter and provide a better level of satisfaction. Our level of service, management and overall operation sets us apart from our competitors. We strive to not only meet your satisfaction but supersede your expectations. Every client is a part of our VIP club!


You Can Count On Us

We provide our security and investigation solutions to all sectors, including but not limited to; retail, private, commercial, industrial, corporate, and government. We strive to provide the highest level of professional service to those who choose to trust our team. We have gained recognition in Northern Ontario by many business owners, retailers of all sizes, and corporate companies for providing above industry standard satisfaction, reliable and effective solutions with strategically trained employees. Our ability to manage our operation is at a level that is unmatched within the private security sector here in Ontario.

Trustworthy & Reliable

Our focus is on Ontario. We wanted to provide our clients with security solutions they can trust and depend on. We are not perfect, but we will do whatever it takes to continue our success here in Ontario. Our strongest trait is our constant open line of communication with our team and our clients. If the transmission is not there, the system fails, and we are no different from our competition. We operate as a pack and utilize the members' full potential, including management, employees, clients, and the local police service. We believe we bring more value and higher level of professionalism to our clients that are not easily matched.

Better Managed, Better Trained, & Better Results

In a world with so much choice, competition and failed promises, we understand the process of searching for the right protection solution is draining and often frustrating. We are very serious about our operation method, which has provided us with rapid growth and a message to our competitors, which shows we are here for the long term. Our growth has been strictly based on word of mouth advertising; our clients are our billboards. When we state our goal is to raise the bar when it comes to professionalism within the security industry, we mean it, and it shows in our success. We started our business with one thing in mind – BETTER! Better managed, Better trained, and better results.