Electronic Protection

Security Camera Packages


We offer a wide range of security cameras including complete systems. We can offer sales, installation and service of our systems and have the ability to service and install most other brands. If your looking for that added protection and peace of mind, we have the solution for you. Enjoy the peace of mind while away with our remote monitoring abilities, comes with all of our systems.

Security Cameras


  • Dome
  • Box
  • Bullet
  • Eyeball
  • Fisheye
  • Multi-Sensor
  • IP (2mp and above)
  • and more



  • Analog
  • HD
  • IP
  • POE Switches
  • 4 ch to 64 ch 
  • 1 TB + hard drive
  • Analytics
  • License plate reader
  • Face recognition
  • Threat assessment
  • and more 

Alarm Systems


Regardless of your need, residential or business, we have an alarm system to customize according to your specific needs. Let us provide our expert advice regarding the blue print for your protection needs.

Smart Home Systems


  • Ever wonder if you locked your doors before you left home?
  • Have you been out of town and wondered what you would do if the temperature drops?
  • What if you could turn your heat on, turn on/off lights/lock and unlock your doors from any smart device?

Smart home systems can make your life less stressful, more efficient and effective while offering a high level of protection. Let us show you how.

Access Control Systems


Proprietary information is sometimes invaluable to its owner. Do you have an area/room/building you would like to protect from outside threats? Providing control measures which allow you to not only choose who has access, but also log who actually gains access to your restricted areas has unmatched value. We can help you design, implement and complete an action plan that provides you and your assets with the highest level of protection and accountability