Security Services


Plain Clothes Unit

Covert security services with a high level of effectiveness in reducing the financial impact on your bottom line. This is not the solution for someone looking for a visual deterrent with uniform security guards. The Plain Clothes Unit is an elite team of highly trained professionals who work hard to increase your bottom line while maintaining a professional image of your operation and physical security.

Uniform Guard Unit

Providing a professional level of customer service while maintaining a point of contact for safety concerns and an assertive yet respectful visual deterrent from crime by providing physical security services with uniform security guards.

Event Security Unit

While maintaining compliance with the Liquor License Act of Ontario, our Event Security Unit provides a pleasant and visual reminder that the event is intended to be a safe and enjoyable time for all. We provide security services by putting physical security guards on site who are trained in de-escalation, behavioir analysis, liquor control legislation, dealing with intoxication and both crowd control and crowd management techniques.

Mobile Patrol Unit

We provide various mobile patrol options for our clients. If your looking for some added protection for your vulnerable assets, we have the solution to help. We can provide random patrols on an hourly or periodic bases, open and close procedures including key management services and many customized plans to fit your specific needs. Our mobile response security service provides the presence of uniform security guards who work under our physical security managers.

Alarm Response Unit

Our Alarm Response Unit is an effective method to provide the security and protection needed while reducing the cost of false alarms from your local police service. The major issue with police response is the fact most alarms are known to be false, so their response time is lengthened and your risk is heightened. We respond, in most cases, within 30 minutes or less. This means our physical security guards provide responsive security services to protect you and what matters most.

Emergency Response Unit

The Emergency Response Unit (ERU) comprises of our physical security supervisor and management team. Our advanced team of elite security guards work in conjunction with our other physical and electronic security services. Their primary role is to aid our front line workers. They also provide back up for our mobile patrol and alarm response team. They are operational 24 hours a day 7 days a week.